2020 Enduro Fundraising Challenge Post-Event Report 第一屆風箏衝浪保育海洋毅力挑戰報告

Saturday 18th January 2020, saw kiteboard enthusiasts gather on Lantau Island at Long Coast Seasports on Cheung Sha beach, for the inaugural event of Kitesurf for a Cleaner Ocean.


Kitesurf for a Cleaner Ocean has been set up with the aim to help raise funds to support ocean recovery projects and innovations. To do this, Kitesurf for a Cleaner Ocean has partnered with the Hong Kong and California based charity, Ocean Recovery Alliance that has been battling the ocean plastics problem for the past 10 years.

"風箏衝浪保育海洋為” 旨在幫助籌集資金支持 Ocean Recovery Alliance 項目和創新科技。 為此,Ocean Recovery Alliance 致力於清潔海洋,是一個香港和加利福尼亞的慈善機構,該聯盟在過去十年中一直在與海洋塑料問題作鬥爭。

Hillian, having successfully made her own personal challenge in March 2019, to kite from Hong Kong to Macau, raising local awareness of the ocean plastic issue and launching Kitesurf for a Cleaner Ocean. Saturday’s event saw the next step in the mission take place, as a core of local kiteboarders and volunteers gathered at Cheung Sha beach to mark the first fundraising event. It is hoped that this will be the first of many such events and the foundation of Kitesurf for a Cleaner Ocean as a future international movement.

週六的活動見證了計風箏衝浪到澳門後的下一步任務,聚集當地風箏衝浪者和志願者紛紛熱衷地支持並提供各樣的支援,以達成歷史上第一個以風箏衝浪形式為海洋籌款之活動。 希望這將是許多此類活動中的第一個,並且是風箏衝浪為清潔海洋作為未來國際運動的基礎。

Unfortunately, in the end, the forecast wind did not put in its promised appearance. However, spirits were not dampened as ‘Plan B’ was put into operation and the kiters