Kitesurf Challenger


I'm committed to raising a minimum of HK$ 5,000 &

making a minimum of 10 laps in the challenge

I started kitesurfing in 2002 in Brazil on a 2 lines kite & wrist leash!

At the time that was the beginning of this sport and the material was 

archaic and challenging to handle.​ I spent a week's body dragging in 

1m swell, tea bag style.


Other years with perseverance and passion I have learned to ride up-wind

and jibe and started to jump. I’ve been travelling the world every time I could to hunt for the best kite spots. From Sri Lanka to Morocco, from Vietnam to Brazil…


I have experienced a community of caring people where respect and solidarity come first. Kitesurfing is my best happiness tank. Did you know that kitesurfing brings 80% more happiness than any other activity? Coming back from a trip to the Philippines last year I was shocked by the amount of plastic bags that were polluting the Ocean and have ever since banned the use of plastic bags at home and at the office.

I have now decided to give back by making a contribution to the Oceans with my passion. When I learned last year about Hillian SIU’s initiative to organize a challenge to create awareness and raise funds for a better Ocean  I promised myself to participate. And here we go.

I believe you would be happy to join the efforts and make a difference to eradicate Ocean Pollution, wouldn’t you? 



Boris Duhamel.jpg

* Soon after pledged, you'll receive an email within 24 hours for further notice.  

UP TO DATE HK$ 330/ per lap + HK$ 6,700 lump sum