Even though this campaign is mainly about kitesurfers using their superpower to help the oceans, our mission doesn't stop there. We want to infuse our passion and dedication to everyone who cherishes our planet.

It is never easy to take on an extra commitment out of your already stressful life, but when you take that step, whether to go join a beach clean up session or to help organize an educational safari with a local environment group, that fulfilment and sense of pride are way more than anything you earn on this planet.

It won't hurt to give it a little go.     

Thank you to all our kind sponsors, contributors, supporters and journalists.


We love you to the moon!

Check out what's rolling for us, for our fellow NGOs and for you too!

While it’s not how much we do that’s important, it doesn’t hurt to keep track of all the great energy and positivity we generate together!

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