We understand how people feel about nonprofit because that is how our families and friends think about charities. There’s a belief that responsible organizations spend as little as possible on fundraising. And there’s an obsession with using a measure often referred to as the “cost of fundraising” to compare organizations based on how much they spend on fundraising, as though it somehow serves as a proxy for organizational impact, which it most certainly does not. When we focus on only that to the exclusion of the others, we’re missing the big picture of what a healthy fundraising program is really about. 





But yet you've all the right in the world to be sceptical in order to ensure ethical practice in place. This is why we value accountability and transparency. So before you run away or give a side-eye and fall for the overhead myth. I want you to at least watch this TedTalk.     


Without the help of the pioneers and kind-hearted individuals to volunteer an enormous amount of their time and effort into making it happen. It simply cannot be done.   

So this is how much it takes to run an effective fundraising campaign - at least one that is professional, safe and cool. One that you want to get involved because it is fun, convenient, and heart-warming!

Legal & Admin
Running a campaign with FCO
Saving the Oceans  
Outreach & Publicity
Volunteer Subsidy
Legal & Admin
Campaign Event Infrastructure

*This percentage of may be altered depending on each events’ in-kind resources, local event partnership and financial support from companies. Our endeavour is to have 100% of public donations to go directly to the cause.

WE are kitesurfers, watersports and ocean lovers on a mission to ignite and use our superpowers while also inspiring others to join us and change the world!

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