There are so many kites, test kites and kite gadgets piling up in one corner of your house. Whether they're old, no longer being used or is some small, essential part of the whole, we got a win-win solution for you!

KFCO is working to connect artists, kitesurfers and charities around the globe to make use of the old kite gear and turn them into donors' souvenirs, pick me up bag for charity and many more to come... 


The artists will selectively collect your unwanted gear items.

We are sure you'd be very proud of what we do to your trash and very proud of yourself having made the effort!

Here are a few little steps if you wish to donate your gear:  

Step 1: Clean any saltwater and sand off your gear.

Step 2: Take pictures of your gear: some close-ups and some overviews and send the pictures to KFCO. 

Step 3: KFCO will inform you whether your items have been selected and will provide instructions to send in your gear.


**Due to the lack of resources, we ask that gear donors take responsibility to transport and shipping the items to the artists. 

If you're an artist and feel inspired by what we do. Reach out to us and get connected.