FCO organizes watersports fundraising campaigns around the world. With our inaugural kitesurfing challenge kicking off in Hong Kong, this environmental endeavour aims to raise funds for the betterment of our oceans by mobilizing the power of water sportsman and allies around the globe. Our mission is to inspire and promote awareness of Ocean Pollution, its impact on ecosystems and marine life, and contribute to the global response by combining advocacy and action into a single action.


  • To promote and support on-the-ground marine charities

  • To fund marine innovations 

  • To encourage and unite watersports' community use their superpowers for good

  • To raise awareness of marine pollution

  • To bring newcomers to outdoor sports in a welcoming and accessible environment

  • To help industry implement plans to reduce manufacturing waste   



It is important for us to make a tangible and direct impact that connects us all. Therefore, there are 3 things we focus on when it comes to choosing our entity to support and partner with. "Inspiration, Innovation & Integrity". Our key grassroots environmental charity  "Ocean Recovery Alliance" fits the bill just right.

A great place we find inspiration is "ORA" - a unique, annual, global forum that brings social innovators, game-changers, corporations and investors together to focus on practical solutions, circular economy and the future of plastic. For more information regarding the forum and all the great lots of contributions they've done already, please visit plasticity.global


Here is a long list of "ORA" on-going community programs. To name a few: 

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Furthermore, Your donation will be allocated to serve the ultimate purpose of funding marine projects that meet UN SDG Goal 14: Life Below Water with our developing grant program "The innovation fund", which will be used specifically to nurture passionate social entrepreneurs and it is aimed to help kick start bold ideas or newer products that are already in the market that improve oceans with lasting and practical effects.   

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SDG goal.png

A tax-deductible donation receipt can be issued via "ORA" on request for donors contribute over  HK$ 500. 

For more information about how we distribute the funding, please visit "Charity Transparency"



Our goal is simple: have a "Clean Ocean". Kitesurfing & Watersports' fundraisers and allies, let's grow this list and achieve many more milestones together!

Mission 01/ 2020

Mission 02/

Industry Upcycling Scheme 

Mission 03/

Fundraising Challenges

(Global Movement)

Mission 04/

Innovation Grant Established 


On 1st March, Hillian Siu became the first kitesurfer to cross the Pearl River Delta in the attempt of calling for more action. It is to prepare for a larger mission that serves an ultimate goal that will spark a global movement.

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Thank you to all our kind sponsors, contributors, supporters and journalists.


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