Kitesurf Challenger


I'm committed to raising a minimum of HK$ 2,000 &

making a minimum of 5 laps in the challenge

I started kitesurfing in winter of 2008 when I was on holidays in Brazil.

Some of my best travelling have been around kitesurfing and I visited 

some of the most beautiful spots in the world.  Through kitesurfing I met best, passionate and adventurous people and dopest friends. 

I feel very sad about polluted waters and what we do with marine life. We are water and we are part of the oceans, and every day, in small ways, each of us can do something to protect our lifeline. I care deeply about this cause and happy to support the event and to share the awareness. The future is bright if we want it.

* Soon after pledged, you'll receive an email within 24 hours for further notice.  

UP TO DATE HK$ 1,000


WE are kitesurfers, watersports and ocean lovers on a mission to ignite and use our superpowers while also inspiring others to join us and change the world!

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