Kitesurf Challenger


I'm committed to raising a minimum of HK$ 7,500

My addiction to the wind and waves started from my childhood when my Dad introduced me to waterskiing. I was lucky enough to learn in the warm clear waters of the Middle East and Africa where we had lived. When I graduated university I had no job and a maxed-out bank overdraft so had to stay with my parents who had retired in the north of Scotland. It was horrifically boring and depressing but I had no money and no other options while I applied for work. In the midst of my stupefying boredom, I had to find something to do that wouldn't cost any money, so I dug up some old windsurfing gear that we had bought many years before at the encouragement of an old family friend who had converted from waterskiing to windsurfing. I kind of learned through trial and error which was extremely frustrating, we lived in a harbour and there were some complaints from neighbours to my Dad about my foul-mouthed tantrums on the water. Needless to say that I wasn't grabbed by the sport at first, especially given pretty average wind conditions and the freezing conditions but I continued with it because I literally had nothing else to do. I remember fashioning my first harness out of an old suitcase belt and a meathook! Eventually, we got some decent wind and I started planing, by the end of a week of decent wind I was getting hooked and started spending most of my time on the water. By the end of summer, it was pretty much all I could think about, I actually chose the university for my master's degree based on getting easy access to Cornwall because I knew there was decent windsurfing (and warmer water) on the south coast of England. By the time I started there I had acclimatised to the freezing water of North Scotland to such an extent that I remember being pretty comfortable just wearing T-shirts throughout the whole winter. (Sometimes I'd wear trousers too).


Anyway, I think it was around 2002/2003 that I saw a video about the emerging sport of kiting, it seemed like a great progression from windsurfing because it didn't require a whole van full of kit, I was pretty much instantly fascinated by it. It took a while to learn though, and some heavy investment in kites that I destroyed, but eventually I got so hooked that I geared my life to ensuring that nothing would prevent me from getting my next fix. 


Why am I participating in the cleaner oceans project? Well, basically because it's a worthwhile cause being held in HK and relates to kiting...that and helping out a good friend with the same passion and a vision to do something meaningful.

* Soon after pledged, you'll receive an email within 24 hours for further notice.  


UP TO DATE HK$ 0/ per lap + HK$ 7,500 lump sum