• Supporting Boat vs Personnel Ratio ​​

    • ​​A common ratio for most major kite events is 1 vessel: 15 riders. However, for KFCO, it will be varied depending on the location, event format and local organizer. It will be assessed accordingly after a location scout and an evaluation.  

  • Rider Skill Criteria

    • Challengers must have basic riding skills in order to join any challenge:  

      • Upwind riding, self-rescue capability & have an understanding of the "right of way" practice.

      • Should a challenger not demonstrate his/her skill during the course of the event, the challenger’s participation shall be determined by the on-site safety officer.      ​

  • Safety Equipment

    • Challengers shall be responsible for their personal safety equipment such as communication device, buoyancy jacket, GPS watch & booties.

    • Board leashes will not be allowed 

  • Insurance arrangement​​

    • Every challenger must sign an event liability release form upon participation  ​

    • Challengers shall be responsible for their personal insurance as desired

  • Conditions 

    • ​The challenge/ crossing/ enduros event shall be postponed if it falls in one of the following conditions:

      • Wind direction does not cooperate. 

      • Wind speed is out of the range of 12 to 25 knots. ​

      • Air temperature falls below 10 degree Celsius.

      • A 2nd-degree typhoon signal is hoisted. Something equivalent to Hong Kong typhoon signal # 3.  

  • Postponed arrangement 

    • Any postponement shall be determined 2 days before the original date.

    • An email notification will be sent individually to each challenger and an announcement will be made on our social platform.  

    • Should a local event be postponed, it will be postponed indefinitely until suitable conditions arise.

  • Cancellation/Absence 

    • A local organizer shall determine the cancellation of the challenge based on the situation.

    • Should an event be cancelled, the challenger shall not bear the responsibility for the committed fundraise. 

    • Should a challenger be unable to attend the challenge due to a personal reason, the challenger shall bear the committed amount as set forth.     

  • Donation Portal

    • For overseas donors, only online payment is accepted:

      • Paypal

      • Credit Card​

    • For Hong Kong-based donors, PayMe App and direct bank deposit are accepted:

    • Upon completion of an event, signed-up supporters will be notified of the amount that is to be collected.

  • Donation Notes to challengers 

    • If a challenger is participating in an enduros event, ​it is recommended to communicate with the supporter whether a capped amount is required.

  • Refund arrangement

    • Should an event be cancelled, the amount that is donated for a specific challenge shall be refunded in the same form as when the payment is made.  

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